Posted by: ohmypuddin | November 13, 2016

Dear Americans,

We gotta talk.

This week has not gone as I’d hoped it would. I’m pretty bummed about it. Like many others, I’ve cried, I’ve hugged, I’ve despaired.

And I’ve been asked, why are you doing these things?

I finally figured out why – I thought, as a country, we valued equality, and treating everyone the same. I thought we valued the rights of women and minorities. I thought we valued those who’ve served. I thought we all thought that women shouldn’t be harassed or violated. I thought this was a nation built on accepting others. I thought this was a nation built by underdogs, for underdogs.

But what I didn’t consider is that, while most of us value these things, some hold other values higher. Those who’ve been hit by the recession and never recovered. Those who are paying high prices for things like healthcare. Those who’ve felt disenfranchised.

I didn’t think about that. And that’s on me, and only me.

But by electing Trump, those who wanted change have endorsed something else – they’ve endorsed a bully. They elected a man who, time after time, denigrated women, minorities, gay people, those with disabilities.

Some of you weren’t voting for those qualities. But by voting for the man, we’ve endorsed those qualities. And this isn’t just a vague feeling I have about his character – he’s said all of those things during his campaign. That’s undeniable.

So what’s happening now?

Racism. Harassment. Hate.

I’ve been told that to get through this, I need to understand the other side. So I’m trying to do that. But it’s become hard for me to do, because I’m mad.

No, I’m really mad. Strike that – I’m fucking pissed.

I’m pissed that the world thinks we’re a joke and we’re run by a reality star. I’m pissed that equal rights lost, and bullies won. I’m pissed that – even though the majority of voting Americans didn’t choose Trump – he gets the job of leading our awesome country.

Am I going to lead an uprising, a revolt, a riot? No. According to our laws, Trump won. He is President-elect. I don’t like it, but that’s how it shakes out.

But boy am I pissed.

So I’m channeling that anger into action. I’m giving money to groups that help those who need it right now. I’m going to volunteer. I’m going to call my representatives. I’m going to make sure we have more Democrats, more women, more minorities on the ticket next time. I will join groups and show support, and I will make it more than lip service.

I will be an ally. I will love more fiercely and fight more brutally than I ever have before. I will examine my own privilege, and try to use it to make the world better. And boy, do I have a lot of privilege. So much. And when I think about my own biases and privilege, I know I have to know it, learn from it, and use it.

I will, more than ever before, be a nasty woman.

I will speak up when something is wrong. I will get involved when I see someone being harassed or hurt. I will be uncomfortable sometimes, but I will get over it. I will be scared sometimes, even online, because being a woman on the internet can be scary. I will read those stories of how other people are hurting, because it will keep reminding me of what is at stake.

President-elect Trump wants to close our borders and stay inside ourselves. I will reach outside of myself and help those who need it now.

If you thought I was outspoken and loud before, brace yourself.

I’m about to be a real nasty woman.

And I am not alone.



  1. I’m right there with you! Stay strong!

  2. Yes. You perfectly captured all the things..all the emotions…all of it that has made this week feel so very…heavy. Here’s to carrying the heavy load and fighting to make it right. You’re not alone, lady. Thank you.

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