Posted by: ohmypuddin | October 15, 2012

When Bloggers Get Together, There Are Eggs

I don’t know why people are shocked when bloggers get together, but people constantly are. Hey, we bloggers are people too! We have friends and stuff! We talk to each other!

Because we are friends, and because this sounded like awesome blog fodder, Waspy Redhead and I got together to cook some food.

Cooking for others is always a pressure-filled situation. Will they like it? Do they like the same foods I do? Do they like spicy food, or lots of garlic?

We tossed all reservations aside, with the help of champagne, and dove right in.

We had an array of vegetables, grains, and meats at our disposable. We stared at them for many minutes, confounded.

We started by roasting some broccoli, peppers and okra with some lemon zest, salt and pepper. While it baked away, we took some cherry tomatoes and decided to make a sauce, which evolved into making eggs in purgatory, a spicy tomato dish with eggs baked in it. We sauteed garlic and tomatoes, squishing them to get the juices. Then we added tomato sauce and proscuitto, and let it cook away.

For grains, we cooked a pot of quinoa. Once the sauce was done, we cracked some eggs in there and let them finish in the oven.

Voila! Eggs in purgatory over quinoa with roasted vegetables.

I love a runny yolk.

That’s it! It was a healthy, filling dish. The roasted veggies were tender, the eggs were nice and runny, the sauce was hearty and a little spicy, and the quinoa helped soak everything up.

People ask me sometimes about what they can quick for a quick dinner. This is a great example of something you could cook with foods you probably have in your house. It took maybe 3o minutes total to cook. One of the keys of cooking is knowing how long things take. The roasting and the quinoa took the longest, so we put those on first. That helps, so that we weren’t waiting for veggies to finish so we could plate.



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