Posted by: ohmypuddin | April 18, 2012

Austin Food & Wine Festival

Sometimes I tell people that I am famous. Not really famous, but San Antonio famous. Literally tens of people have come up to me out of the blue and known who I was before I ever met them. People know me. I’m kind of a big deal. My house smells of rich mahogany and my dogs wear platinum collars.

I am so important to the world of food that I am taking my important self to the Austin Food & Wine Festival next weekend. I expect Tyson Cole and Tim Love will get into fistcuffs over who will feed me from silver spoons. Gail Simmons will establish herself as my new best friend, and Andrew Zimmern will ask my the secret to my impeccable hair style, as he longs to grow a bob as razor sharp as mine.

He wants my hair, guys.

OK, so none of that stuff is going to happen. And tens of people don’t come up to me, it’s more like threes. BUT! I will be attending the Austin Food & Wine Festival. Waspy Redhead got me the hookup to be one of their blogger peoples, so I have a press pass.

I am super excited, guys. Not just at the prospect of becoming BFF with Gail Simmons, but about the excellent food and wine I’ll be scarfing down like my life depends on it.

Look at that schedule! I hope these events are near each other, because I plan on attending all of them.

There’s still plenty of time to buy tickets, so get yours now if you want to go. I managed to get a hotel within walking distance, so I won’t have to drive. I am a wise and sensible lush.

And if you’re in San Antonio, I’ve got 2 more reasons to attend – Andrew Weissman and Jason Dady.

If you’re going to be there, leave a comment! We should hang out!



  1. Would it put a damper on a good time if Your mother in-law came a long?

    I could pretend to be a groupie.

    Eat a lot , drink a lot and then return home to jog a lot.
    Have a good time can’t wait until the next blog.

  2. I will be there volunteering, then I can help ward off the masses. Hope to meet you! Not “press pass” worthy…yet 😉

  3. […] month, we went to the Austin Food & Wine Festival. It was: delicious, steamy, winey, humid, crazy, and […]

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