Posted by: ohmypuddin | February 3, 2012

Saving the Best for Tuesday

John likes to buy wine. Lots of wine. Bottles of red crowd our wine fridge. But I can’t drink any of it.

It’s all wine John’s bought for special occasions. It’s nice wine. It’s expensive wine. He says we’ll drink it on special days, or after it’s aged 10 years, or something like that.

And I’m sure we will. But I want to drink it right now.

My mother kept a lot of my grandmother’s gold jewelry in a safety deposit box. I inherited some of it when I got married.

It’s nice jewelry. And I wear it all the time. A gold bracelet with a work outfit, my grandmother’s baby bracelet on a gold chain as a necklace, a big gold necklace with simple dresses. I wear it all the time.

Some people believe in saving the best things for special occasions. It makes the event more special, and protects and preserves your valuables, the things you cherish and are worth a lot of money and emotional investment.

I’m not really like that. I believe in fancy dinners any time of year, drinking the best wine on a random Tuesday, wearing my best jewelry all the time. It makes even the most mundane things feel special. It makes every day a day of celebration, in some small way.

Now more than ever, I feel like I need these tiny celebrations. I feel like I need to celebrate the fact that I’m here, I’m present. I feel the need to bring my past in to my present, and remember that it makes me who I am, but it doesn’t define me. I feel the need to celebrate the fact that it is Tuesday.

Here’s another example: John bought me a very pretty ring for Christmas. It’s a ring I wanted. It’s big and shiny. It’s probably meant to be worn on special occasions, like a cocktail ring.

I wear it every day.

Maybe you like to save things for special occasions. But what I’m saying is, you should let those things make your everyday occasions special. Go out for a nice dinner for no reason. Wear something that makes you feel good. Cash in that gift card. Whatever. If we all save the best for last, we’re depriving ourselves of the best things right now. Why? Spread it out. Spread the best stuff out. Otherwise, you’ll have a life of OK and the last will be spectacular. I’d rather have a life of spectacular.



  1. Pull out that corkscrew right now.

  2. So so so true. Cheers to spectacular lives!!

  3. Drink that wine, drink it and toss the glass you drank it from in a canyon girl (that is still the best story I’ve heard in a while).

    I so follow this line of thought. My mom uses her silverware for everyday, because we would never ever use it if it sat in the china cabinet all year waiting for thanksgiving etc.

  4. Great post. Things always come down to utility for me. I won’t use the nice things just because they are nice, but I don’t avoid them either. For instance, if the nice wine glasses were easier to clean, I’d use them all the time. Instead, I’m often caught drinking wine out of a double old-fashioned I can throw in the dishwasher. And there are no such things as “off limits” towels in my house.

    But “safety deposit box”? Not you, too…

  5. The more stressed I am, the gaudier the bling. I’m with you– if you’ve got it, enjoy it.

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