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Foods I’m Expected to Like

Hey guess what? I’ve started writing some articles for Technorati. So that’s fun. I’ll be posting some articles there and then on the ole blog here. When they’ve been posted on Technorati, you’ll see this on the blog post:

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As a food blogger, there are certain foods that fellow foodies get hyped up about. I know, because I read a lot of food blogs and you see the same recipes and posts every year: KALE! BEETS! PORK BELLY! RAMPS!

Let’s review them, why people go ape-shit for them, and whether or not I really like them.

Beets. Bloggers and foodies love to nom on some roasted beets. Why people like them: Because they’re delicious, yo. Also nutritious. They’re easy to find and easy to cook. Do I like them? Yes. I like them roasted, skins peeled off, with goat cheese. That’s my favorite way. I love a simple beet salad. I think people are turned off by beets because of canned beets. They’re an unnatural red and taste like boiled dirt. But roasted beets have a great sweetness.

Brussel sprouts. Brussel sprouts get a really bad rap, because apparently all of our mothers made them and we hated it. Why people like them: Because it’s super impressive to convert people to liking Brussel sprouts, even though it’s not very hard to do that. Put some cheese on it, or some pancetta, or some maple syrup. You’ll love it, no matter what it is. Do I like it? Of course! One of my favorite winter sides is sprouts, halved lengthwise, seared cut side down and sprinkled with shredded cheddar. It’s easy and relatively cheap and fast.

Ramps. Ramps are member of the leek family and chefs go CRAZY for them. I don’t know why. They’re only available roughly three days a year. Why people like them: People like to feel superior and say they like ramps, because it means they’ve had ramps. Do I like it? I bought some last year and steamed them. Eh. Nothing to write home about. I should probably have found a recipe so I could cook them properly, but honestly, it’s an onion.

Truffle oil. Olive oil + truffles = a nice touch of umami to a dish. Why people like it: Truffles are expensive. Have you ever seen them in the store? They’re like $3 a mushroom. It’s way cheaper and more useful to buy truffle oil, which is olive oil infused with bits of truffle, so you get the truffle flavor without having to take out a second mortgage on your house. Do I like it? Sometimes. Sparingly. People tend to go overboard on the truffle oil, so I usually try not to eat it, because I know it will be too much. Like soy sauce, a little goes a long way.

Pork belly. The belly of a pig. Duh. Why people like it: It’s one of the fattiest parts of the pig, and you can buy it in small sizes, so it’s ideal for a chef’s dish, or to add some fat to a dish. Do I like it? Have you ever had crispy pork belly? You should. It’s amazing.

A lot of these foods are faddish and will probably fall by the wayside with the next wave of culinary trends. But some of them are just plain delicious, and you should try them.



  1. *Totally* agree with ramps. Completely underwhelmed. That box checked and ready to move on to next new item. Poor Brussel sprouts get *such* a bad rap….and that’s too bad because a) they’re so easy to fix in multiple ways and b) they’re very good for you. Great post!

  2. Very useful and informative article. Never heard of ramps now know I am probably not missing anything. I have heard of truffle oil no real desire to try it. You introduced us to roasted beets and goat cheese. It is now a regular side dish.

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