Posted by: ohmypuddin | September 18, 2011

Max’s Wine Dive’s New Fall Menu

Max’s Wine Dive, famous for their fried chicken and champagne philosophy, recently invited me to come taste their new fall menu. I’m never one to turn down an opportunity to eat great food, so I ventured out last week try their new autumn flavors.

I started with the pulled pork nachos and calamari. I always love calamari, but the pulled pork nachos won out. They were mildly spicy with jalapeno slaw, and appropriately greasy and tender.

After the appetizers, we ordered chicken and squash risotto, and the osso bucco. The chicken had a nice crispy skin, and the risotto was creamy and cooked perfectly. It’s not particularly shocking that I liked it, because I love things with cream and milk in them. Plus? It has pancetta. Who doesn’t love pancetta? The osso bucco came with a vanilla carrot puree and apple compote.The osso bucco was MASSIVE. After eating all of those appetizers (because I couldn’t leave them uneaten), I couldn’t finish my osso bucco, but that meant I could eat it for lunch the next day. And give the bone to my dogs. The only quibble I had with it was the apple compote – I felt it was too sweet when paired with the puree. It was sweet with sweet, which kind of made it cloying. It would’ve been better with something more savory. But that’s a small quibble overall – the meat was fall off the bone tender, and plenty of it.

If you can’t decide what to eat for dessert, I’d recommend a half and half, which is half one dessert and half another. We had half of some kind of pound cake, and half a brownie dessert. I admit it, I’d had quite a bit of wine at this point, but it tasted delicious to me. If you want something sugary and oozing and warm and gooey, this is a dish for you.

I wish I had photos of these things, but Max’s mood lighting was too dim to take them. And honestly, I was having such a good time drinking red wine and eating deliciuos food that I forgot. So go eat at Max’s Wine Dive yourself and you’ll see what it looks like.

Plus, this month, 10% of the proceeds of every fried egg sandwich ordered will go to the American Red Cross, to support the damage done by the wildfires in the area. Eat fried eggs = help with the wildfires. You could do more, like volunteer and donate money. And you can also eat fried egg sandwiches. All are good things.


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