Posted by: ohmypuddin | August 3, 2011

Local Dish

Readers, I’ve been neglecting you. There was the Fourth of July, and then I was out of the country on vacation, and now things are so, so busy. But that’s no excuse right?
I’m writing to let you know about a new app that a friend of mine created, An Average Joe in San Antonio. He created an app that feeds in local food blogs for a number of cities, including San Antonio. And guess who is one of those blogs? Me!

You can read more about the creation of this app on An Average Joe, and you can download this iPhone/iPad app at the app store. Once you do, you find my blog (under San Antonio) and read this post, telling you to read this post. Your mind will be blown.

Personally, I think this is a fantastic idea. When I go to a new city, one of the first things I do is figure out where to eat. I don’t always trust every review I read, but local bloggers tend to know their local scene well. It’s a great way to learn about the food culture and restaurants in a new city.

Oh who am I kidding? I just want you to download it because my blog is on it!



  1. […] he usually asks cab drivers and hotel concierges for restaurant recommendations. I told him about Local Dish, developed by An Average Joe in San Antonio. He said it sounded pretty […]

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