Posted by: ohmypuddin | June 11, 2011

Top Chef Tour Comes to San Antonio

The Top Chef tour has been around for four years, but this is the first year it’s come to San Antonio. The San Antonio stop had chefs Dale and Ryan cooking head-to-head at the HEB Alon market today. There were 3 cookoffs throughout the day.

I have to say, this event was poorly organized. There were pre-event tickets to get seats, but those went in a few hours. We got there in the morning to try to go to the 10:30 am show, but there was a line. When we got to the front of the line, we were told that we were being put on the waiting list for the noon show. But no one told us that it was to get a seat at the show – we still could have watched the 10:30 show, but we wouldn’t have had a seat or been able to taste the food. Poor organization.

Anyway, we ran some errands and came back for the noon show. We managed to get seats in the front row because they were labeled Reserved, but they weren’t (poor organization!).

They gave each chef 10 ingredients and a fan favorite ingredient in each city. So Dale and Ryan both had to make a beef dish.

While they were cooking, Dale and Ryan took questions from the audience and gave some behind the scenes trivia about the show, including who they though didn’t deserve to win Top Chef. Dale said Stefan should have won his season based on his skills and background. Gossip! Chisme! Love it!

Dale and Ryan also were fun and funny. Ryan flirted with one of the judges to sway the vote, and Dale told Ryan he couldn’t quit him. And also gave him a hard time about his shirt, urging him to unbutton it more.

We also learned that Dale has had extensive therapy, and he’s a poor loser AND a poor winner. Yay?

We got to taste both dishes. That’s Dale’s Asian influenced beef salad on the top, and Ryan’s beef and watermelon salad on the bottom. They were both delicious.

Judges for this round were chef Johnny Hernandez from La Gloria, Jennifer McMinnis from the San Antonio Express-News, and chef Charlotte from HEB.

It was a close call, but Dale won. He was pretty ecstatic about it, strutting around and yelling about his win. I’d hate to see him lose.

It was a pretty fun time. There are only two more stops on this tour, but I highly recommend going next time if it comes to your town. Dale and Ryan seem to really like each other and work the crowd.



  1. I totally wanted to see Dale (gotta represent for the Asian peeps), but didn’t realize it was happening until the night before and besides… we already had plans to go toobing!

    Glad you were able to go!

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