Posted by: ohmypuddin | February 28, 2011

Who moved my damn cheese?

How much cheese is too much cheese? I have no idea. In my fridge, I have a special cheese drawer. In it is everything you see above: shredded cheddar, block of cheddar, creamy gorgonzola, havarti, colby sticks, feta and parmesan.

Is that a lot of cheese? Because that’s not a lot for me. I usually always have a block of cheddar for snacks, two kinds of cheese sticks for lunches, parmesan for pasta, and some other kind of cheese for dinners.

I read somewhere you’re supposed to only have three cubes of cheese a day. Three! Cubes! What the what! I eat that much before 2 p.m.!

Look, I know I like cheese a lot, and it’s probably not healthy for me to eat so much of it. But three cubes is just ridiculous, right? I mean, people eat more than that? Normal people? Are there any normal people reading this who can tell me?

How much cheese is in your fridge?



  1. Shredded Monterrey Jack, shredded cheddar, mozzarella sticks, grated Parmesan and I think some provolone slices. And today was grocery day. Oh, I think there’s some goat cheese in the freezer (is that OK?). Sometimes there’s feta.

  2. I don’t have a drawer…yet..but the cheeses in my fridge included a pecan praline mascarpone, muenster, fresh mozzarella, boccini mozzarella balls, shredded colby, block mozzarella, block cheddar, CKC goat cheese and laughing cow bleu cheese triangles…I think I have a problem.

  3. Cheese has been a basic in my life for ages, and for years, I could not go a day without cheese. That’s right, I was a daily user. I’ve gotten away from daily cheese consumption, but I still eat it 4-6 x per week and have advanced to expensive cheese so I don’t know that I’m any better off. There was a red wine component to this addiction – I had to have red wine and cheese in my house. But I’m over that. Now I drink white as well as red and in the summer, rose.

  4. Oh!!!! To be young again and not have to worry about high cholestrol. Only two percent shredded cheddar here 😦 Unless we have company or we are visiting then of course the cheese has no calaries or cholestrol right???

  5. I love cheese, but my husband is a cheese-hater (which, I didn’t think was humanly possible). So, we don’t end up using a whole lot. It’s what might commonly be called a travesty.

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