Posted by: ohmypuddin | December 3, 2010


So. I spoke at BMPR yesterday. It was freakin awesome.

When I was asked to speak, I decided I was going to be the best BMPR speaker ever. How? BUTTER.

Did I mention the butter?

Yeah. That’s a lot of butter. 16 sticks, which is 8 pounds of butter. If you take that butter, and this recipe, you can make 307 tiny chocolate cookies.

And then you make a bunch of buttercream filling and powdered sugar gets all over you and your kitchen and maybe even your dog.

So if you make 3 batches of those cookies and 2 batches of the buttercream, you get 148 small whoopie pies.

Let’s take another look.

Insert a business card, and voila!

Perfect BMPR gift.

BMPR itself was a blast! I had so much fun talking to everyone and got some great feedback and compliments. It helped that I listened to this on the way over.

How can you not be happy when you listen to that?

I tried to take a photo of the audience when I was up there, but I had some malfunctions. I used this prezi for my presentation. We couldn’t get the presentation remote to work, so Donna Tuttle was my Vanna White and clicked through it for me. She is the best.

I can’t really express how awesome it was to be up there, talking to everyone. It was great to look and see so many people that I didn’t know a few years ago, people I may have only talked to on Twitter, but feel like my friends already. Groups like BMPR and communities like Twitter have really expanded my world and it’s awesome to see it come together like that.

ALSO, my butter photo is becoming a thing, y’all. For real.

AWESOMENESS. And this one. It’s called the ohmypuddin face. There are worse things to be known for. So go take a picture of yourself about to eat something ridiculous and post it on my wall.

My fellow speakers, Jason Dady, Amanda Joyner and Mark Fusco were awesome as well. Jason Dady told some untrue story about how he paid me $50 to eat that butter, WHICH NEVER HAPPENED. We hadn’t even drunk the port yet, so there’s no way I would’ve eaten that butter.

Thank you to: everyone who came out, everyone who helped me pass out my pies, Donna Tuttle for asking me to speak, BMPR for existing, Carmen and Kate for helping me make the cookies, John for supporting me, all my friends for confirming that I am awesome, everyone I talked to, everyone who tweeted at me, and my dogs for being adorable.

The end!



  1. And, you were awesome and delicious.

  2. Wow, I’m definitely upset that I missed #bmpr this time! Not just because of the whoopie pies, but because I missed your presentation – which according to the reviews, was awesome!

  3. Buttering up the audience with buttercream in advance of your presentation didn’t hurt, but your exuberant presentation would have succeeded without the bribe. Thanks again.

  4. So that was my first BMPR and I’m afraid you’re going to be a tough act to follow… So for all future disappointments, I’ll blame you. 😉 Thanks for the pie, thanks for the Prezi, thanks for being awesome!


  5. […] writing about food. I started out writing about everything and anything in my life. As I said in my BMPR presentation last year, I didn’t even know I was a food blogger until someone told me I was. That’s […]

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