Posted by: ohmypuddin | November 21, 2010

Surprise Squared!

I have had an interesting weekend.

Last year, I told John I wanted a surprise birthday party by the time I am 30. Right now, today, I am 27. November 22 is my 28th birthday. John decided to throw me my surprise party this year.

A couple weeks ago, due to some crazy events, I found out about the surprise party. It’s not John’s fault. I am just super smart and observant and other things happened and John had to tell me. But he worked really hard at the party, so I said we should still have the party on Saturday night, last night. I would pretend I didn’t know, and everything would go as planned.

It was hard, because I had to come up with another set of lies to explain why I didn’t know. So I went to the party, at Sam and Kate’s apartment, and it was great, and we watched a weird movie, and ate delicious chili and chocolate cake from the Liberty Bar, which I still have, because it’s enormous. If you would like some, please let me know. I will bring you some, and stop myself from eating half a chocolate cake during Thanksgiving week.

That was the party. Or so I thought.

John casually mentioned to me the other day that we should go to Insignia for their brunch this weekend. I’ve been wanting to go. I like brunch. And mimosas. We just haven’t been yet. We couldn’t go on Saturday, so we were going to go on Sunday. Today.

I wanted to go early this morning, because I was hungry, but I was watching TV and John said he wasn’t hungry yet, which should have tipped me off, because John’s always hungry.

We got to Insignia and had to wait a few minutes for a table. Josh, the manager, said we could sit in a private room, if we didn’t mind. I didn’t. I was really hungry.

But really, we had to sit at the private table because that’s where my real surprise party was! When Josh pulled back the curtain, I saw my friends sitting there, drinking mimosas!

You see, when I found about the party, John decided to throw another party. A real surprise party. So everyone still came to the first party, which was fake, because they knew I knew about it. But I didn’t know they knew that I knew. It was like a double crossing spy situation. Now that I know that today was the real surprise, I’m starting to piece together all of the hints and things that have been happening recently.

It was awesome, guys. I know I joke about John a lot, but I am lucky to have him as a husband. He threw two surprise parties for me, because he really wanted me to have a surprise. He gave me a surprise squared.

It’s been a great birthday weekend! Happy birthday to me!

Here’s Kate’s blog post about her role in the two surprise parties!


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  2. That’s so awesome! What a sweet husband and what a great way to start a new year! Happy birthday! 🙂

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