Posted by: ohmypuddin | October 27, 2010

Chicken and Dumpling

My dogs’ names are Buster and Tuck. But I have decided to rename them Chicken and Dumpling.

I decided recently that our next dogs will be named Chicken and Dumpling. But then I realized that my current dogs currently fit the personas of a chicken and a dumpling, and also that it will be a long time before we get more dogs.

Meet Chicken

Here’s Buster. He’s tall and skinny, with long chicken legs. Also, he’s scared of a lot of things.

Things Buster is scared of: plastic bags, cardboard boxes, anything on wheels, anything floating, anything with the ability to move, chairs, exercise ball, any new item introduced in the house (packages, boxes, etc), the laundry basket, paper bags, rolling suitcases, bubble wrap, saran wrap, aluminum foil. The list goes on. Buster is a scared dog.

Meet Dumpling

Here’s Tuck. He’s short and not fat per se, but definitely solid. He’s a squat little dog. He’s much shorter than Buster, but outweighs him by 15 pounds. Also, he’s very lazy. He sleeps constantly and usually waits til Buster does something first, and then copies him. One time, John saw Tuck lie down and eat his food out of his bowl. Now that is lazy. He doesn’t even jump on and off the couch, he just kind of lazily climbs up and then falls off of it. He looks like he’s trying to ooze off of the couch instead of jump off. Tuck also isn’t the smartest dog. Not that that makes him a dumpling, but I don’t think dumplings are the smartest foods around.

I’m trying to retrain them to answer to these names, but they seem a bit confused. They just keep wagging their tails and standing there looking at me.

For Halloween, I’m trying to find chicken and dumpling costumes for them. I found chicken costumes, but I can’t find a dumpling costume. Anyone know where I can find a dumpling costume to fit a small, rotund dog?



  1. That’s fun! Sounds like a costume you’ll have to make though! 🙂 I’ll be on the lookout for pics this weekend.

  2. Lauren,
    this post moves “I go right for the blogular” up to a place of honor. It’s going on my bookmark bar. You have tipped the blogular scale to the status of “I don’t want to miss a post.”

    Give Chicken & Dumpling a rub for me.

  3. […] is the one I chose, but he wound up not using it. I might use it for something else, like attach it Chicken to stop him from barking so […]

  4. […] I love them. But it seems like whenever we plant some, our dogs Buster and Tuck (aka Chicken and Dumpling) come along and eat them. Silly […]

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