Posted by: ohmypuddin | October 21, 2010

Top 10 Things I Have Eaten – Number 3

Tasting menu at Le Reve -Foie Gras BLT

I eat at a lot of nice restaurants. But I’ve only been to a handful of truly fancy restaurants. And Le Reve is the only one I’ve been to with a dress code.

Le Reve is Andrew Weissman’s French restaurant of yesteryear. It closed last year, but oddly, their website still exists.

Last year, Sam and Kate invited John and me to go with them. We decided we would all get the 8-course tasting menu with wine pairings. Friends, if you ever get a tasting menu at a fancy restaurant, be prepared to pay a small fortune. But it will be worth it.

Since we would be drinking 8 glasses of wine each, we took a cab to and from the restaurant from Sam and Kate’s apartment. Which turned out to be a great decisions, perhaps the best decision I’ve ever made, because I drank so much I had to take a wee nap on Sam and Kate’s couch after dinner.

So much of my perception of food is the atmosphere. Le Reve was a small restaurant with a small window into the kitchen. San Antonio’s finest ate their in their fancy dresses and coats. They had tiny chairs to put your purse on, so it wouldn’t touch the floor.

And Fabien worked there! I love Fabien. This was the first time I met him and he cracked me up. He told us that “tiny bubbles make tiny headaches.” Say that to yourself with a French accent, and that’s what Fabien sounds like.

I remember there was one old man there who was sloppily eating a bowl of pasta. I thought, someday I want to have enough money so that I too can go to fancy restaurants, eat like a slob, and not care at all. Someday.

I can’t remember all of the courses we tried. I do remember that each course was, of course, tiny, as all tastings are. But these were served in enormous dishes. Picture a grape in a punchbowl. That’s what I’m talking about. I was hoping they would take that juxtaposition the other way, and serve us ribeyes on teacup saucers. That would be hilarious.

One of the courses I do remember was the BLT. The “tomato” was actually mango, and it had foie gras on it. And it tasted like a BLT! The most expensive BLT you’d ever eaten. I don’t have a photo of it, because this was a long time ago, and I didn’t have an iPhone, and I didn’t bring my camera because that’s not what people who eat at fancy restaurants do, OBVIOUSLY. They’re very cool and collected about things, and don’t freak out when they see local chefs or ramps or anything like that. Not at all. Except I do do those things, and would totally have taken pictures now, with my iPhone. But I digress.

I believe we had something like 9 glasses of wine that night, because there were glasses between courses. That might explain the napping part.

It was a delightful experience, being fancy and eating out of enormous dishes and drinking copious amounts of wine and generally acting like Bacchus. Delightful. Maybe that’s why I liked this dish so much.

Congrats to Andrew Weissman and Il Sogno for being named one of Bon Appetit’s top 10 places for pasta!


  1. Love Fabian, he is at Dough now so we still see him occasionally. When I was a foodie I ate at Le Reve many times, it was such a great restaurant. My favorite was the cheese course with the amazing raw honey. I can’t imagine eating like that anymore, but your post took me back to my old decadent way of eating.

  2. Lady, it was an EIGHT course tasting menu! And we had nine glasses of wine, since they sent out a special bottle of champagne, with “tiny bubbles.”

    Ah, yes, that was a good meal.

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