Posted by: ohmypuddin | October 9, 2010

Luke Restaurant

UPDATE: For more about Luke Restaurant, read my review of their soft opening night!

Part of the fun of this fake job of mine is getting to eat great food. And getting to eat great food by great chefs. And getting to eat great food not everyone else gets to eat. Sometimes I get to do all those things at once.

Chef John Besh, of New Orleans fame, is opening a new restaurant in San Antonio, Luke Restaurant. I’d heard it was going to be opening soon. And then I got an email inviting me to a private blogger event and tour of the new restaurant.

Of course I jumped at the chance to get to eat food, drink beer and hang out with other bloggers. Who wouldn’t?

Chef Stephen (there are like 3 guys there named Stephen) served up some bratwursts, knockwurst, wild boar…wurst, shrimp and grits, and fried quail. Also, some pickles and pickled things.

I feel like every time my glass of beer was half full the sommelier and the beer guy kept getting more glasses, offering us tastes. They really wanted us to try all of the different beverages, and I think I succeeded.

I would up sitting with Karen from EatSA and Joe from Average Joe in San Antonio. Both were sweet and just as crazy about food as I am. We chatted a bit about blogging and restaurants in San Antonio, and schemed about how we could get paid to eat for a living. I might have also made a joke about undercooked sausage being flaccid. Might.

After that, time for some bread pudding. This pudding was giant hunks of bread cooked in cream and butter, just like a good bread pudding should be. It was sweet and cinnamony and melty. I’m not a big bread pudding fan, but this won me over.

Since Luke is still under construction, we had to wear hard hats for the tour. I look fetching, no?

Entrance to Luke. It will be in the new Embassy Suites downtown, across the street from Acenar and the IBC bank.

It’s going to be a Cajun and German inspired and really fucking delicious, from what it sounds like. The space is a good size, and the second floor will have a killer view of the river and downtown.

They say they’ll be opening by the end of October/early November. I’d go ahead and make your reservations now, everyone. You’ll want to.

If you want more details about the restaurant, check out Alamo A La Carte and An Average Joe‘s preview posts. They included a lot of the details, like where the restaurant is, hours, etc. I’d type them out but they already did. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

Thank you to Crave Communications for putting this together and inviting me!



  1. Chef Besh is an amazing chef and person. I had the opportunity to work for him on the TLC show he did over the summer. I am a super fan and so excited he chose to go to SA! He is just phenomenal, I’m so jealous you went to this! Congrats on your food life, Lauren. Schedule a trip out to LA sometime to discover what we’ve got going on here. We may not be NY, but I love the people and food out here.

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  3. It was so great to meet you at the preview! Thank you again and again for all the great tips on the SA blogger scene. Looking forward to seeing you soon and getting to eat a whole lot more delicious food!

  4. I hate that I had to miss this because of grad school. Can’t wait for Luke to open – it’s right across the street from my office!

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