Posted by: ohmypuddin | October 7, 2010

Top 10 Things I Have Eaten – Number 4

Wild boar ragu at Il Sogno Osteria

It makes me sad when restaurants take my favorite dishes off the menu. Restaurant Insignia took the brisket burger and macademia milkshake off the dinner menu. That was my favorite meal there. I loved the reuben burger at Bin 555, and now it’s gone. Even the burrata caprese is temporarily off the menu at Dough, and it now the autumn burrata.

This dish was amazing. And now it’s gone. John and I have had it a couple times at Il Sogno, including John’s birthday last year.

Now, Il Sogno has a lot of great dishes. I had a great seafood curry there for John’s birthday this year. But this dish was spectacular. Delicious, tender wild boar cooked with carrots, all on creamy polenta. I liked to mix it all up and eat it together. As you can see from my blog post last year, we ate the whole thing. Licked the plate clean.

I’m glad I got to eat this dish while I could. Clearly, I enjoyed it. It made the list. Maybe it’s good that this dish isn’t around anymore. I’d probably be eating it right now, if I could.



  1. I had this incredible dish at Il Sogno on 23 December. It was the special of the night and boy was I glad it was. I am not ashamed to say that my dish was cleaned dry when they collected it!

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