Posted by: ohmypuddin | October 1, 2010

Top 10 Things I Have Eaten – Number 5

Rabbit at Le Cirque

So way back before I started this blog, I got married and we went on our honeymoon in Vegas. It was different. I’d never been to Vegas before and I can’t say I really want to go back again. It’s a different place. It always feels exactly the same there, because you’re always inside and there are never any clocks and it doesn’t matter what time it is because everything is always open.

But they have some really good food there. Insanely good food. So many famous chefs have restaurants in Vegas, or have worked in Vegas. We went to a lot of good restaurants there, like Sushi Roku and Spago and RM. It was our honeymoon, so we splurged and ate a lot and saw a lot of shows and went to the spa and John played poker and we just had a good time and recovered from our wedding.

The most memorable meal we had was at Le Cirque. Now, Le Cirque is fancy. Fancy-pants fancy. In San Antonio, (now that Le Reve closed) there is no restaurant you can’t wear flip flops in. San Antonio is a very relaxed city, and even the fanciest places don’t have dress codes. Le Cirque is different. I mean, look at that picture. The whole place looks like some kind of upscale bordello and all of the waitstaff are in suits and everything has a circus theme. It’s crazy nice. And crazy good.

Because this place was so fancy, I didn’t take photos of my food, unfortunately. But we both got the 3 course prix fixe menu, which cost a small fortune. I don’t remember what the other two courses were, but I remember the entree was rabbit. A rabbit cooked so long in it’s own juices it became moist and buttery. It was so rich I couldn’t finish eating it. John had to help me, but even he couldn’t finish eating it.

It was a great experience, eating at Le Cirque. It’s not often that I get to eat at truly fancy restaurants. While I don’t always relish it, I enjoy it every once in awhile. Of course, the fact that we were on our honeymoon and seeing good shows and eating things with lots of butter helped. It’s hard not to enjoy yourself in that setting.

If you ever have the chance to eat at Le Cirque, I recommend it. It’s awesome to be eating a great meal while the sommelier pours your wine and you watch the fountains at the Bellagio. It’s even better if you can eat a delicious buttery rabbit at the same time.


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