Posted by: ohmypuddin | July 6, 2010

Throwed Rolls at Lambert’s

If you watch the Travel Channel, you’ve probably heard of Lambert’s. It was named number 19 on the top 101 places to chow down in the United States.

Lambert’s is famous for their “throwed rolls.” There’s a guy whose only job is to roll around a cart of fresh, hot rolls. If you want one, you raise your hand, and he’ll throw one at you. Even if he’s right next to your table, he’ll toss it high up in the air for you to catch.

Lambert’s is in Sikeston, which is where Boomland is. Every year, when we go to Cape Girardeau to visit John’s family for the Fourth of July, we go to Boomland and get fireworks. We tried to go to Lambert’s last year, but the wait was too long.

So this year, I was ready to go to Lambert’s. We got there at 11, not long after they’d opened. We still had to wait in line to put our name down on the list. While we waited, we wandered over to the gift shop and found the biggest insulated mug ever.

I told John’s brother Matt to hold it next to his head for perspective. Impressive, no?

In addition to massive portions, you also get a number of sides free with your meal. Like the rolls, wait staff bring the sides around themselves and serve them to you. They don’t even wait until you have a plate. If necessary, they will dump the sides on a napkin for you.

Within a minute of sitting down, we had rolls and fried okra. We hadn’t even ordered yet. That didn’t really bother the server though – he just dumped heapfuls of hot fried okra on our napkins.

This was my cheeseburger. I love cheeseburgers, but friends, this one was not great. It came out far too quick to be cooked just for me. And judging by the sogginess of the bottom bun, I guess it was sitting under the heatlamp for awhile. The meat was not bad – cooked to the right temp and evenly brown. But nothing special.

This was John’s hot beef sandwich with cole slaw. You can’t even see the bread because there’s so much meat on it. If you’re looking for a sandwich, don’t order this, because the bread completely dissolved under the weight of so much hot meat. But if you’re looking for good beef, this is great. It is actually really good beef.

John’s brother got the fried chicken gizzards and his girlfriend got the vegetable plate. They both pronounced them good.

I don’t think the photos accurately show hot big these portions are. I saw meals going out on huge skillets, bread bowls the size of platters, people with four doggie bags. Part of this is the portions, part of this is because they don’t let you share plates. So there are going to be a lot of leftovers. Since not everyone got to come to Lambert’s with us, we got some extra rolls and took them home.

If you ever go visit Lambert’s, go early (they don’t take reservations), bring cash or checks (they don’t take credit cards, but they do have an ATM), go hungry, and bring your camera.

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  2. I’m pretty sure I’d like to part of my job to include throwing dinner rolls to people.

  3. We have a Lambert’s about 40m away in Foley, AL and we used to go every few months for the delicious rolls. We might have to make a trip over there sometime soon!

  4. Sounds like a place I could really enjoy, and where families with children could relax and enjoy a meal as well.

  5. its nice and interesting.

  6. I’ll take bread being thrown at me ANY day of the week 😉

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