Posted by: ohmypuddin | June 7, 2010

Eating Too Much Cheese at Dough Pizzeria

Do you ever think about what you want your last meal to be? It’s not as morbid as it sounds – it’s listing your favorite foods, all of which you can gluttonously eat without regard for calories, fat content, or any repercussions at all. Before this weekend, I had only decided that my last meal will include a bacon cheeseburger and apple pie.

And now, I know my last meal will include the cheese tasting at Dough Pizzeria.

I like cheese. A lot. If there’s an option to add cheese to something, I take it. I love cheese more than my mildly lactose-intolerant digestive system likes. I love cheese so much, I don’t understand the point of hamburgers that aren’t cheeseburgers.

At Dough Pizzeria, the cheese reigns supreme. There’s a whole cheese section on the menu. When Sam, John and I ventured to Dough on Saturday night (after seeing Get Him to the Greek, which is hilarious, btw), I voted for a cheese appetizer. But which one? The cheese tasting is a steal. For $22, you get three cheese selections plus flatbread. We went with the burrate caprese, speidini, and burricotti. It was so much cheese, we were stuffed by the end and wondering why we had bothered ordering two pizzas.

We discovered that Fabien Jacob, former sommelier at Le Reve and Il Sogno, and current Frenchie, works at Dough! He is such a fun and personable sommelier. I’ll always remember when we went to Le Reve and he told us that you should pick champagne by the size of the bubbles because “tiny bubbles makes tiny headaches.” Ha! He’s very friendly and is always eager to teach anyone about wine.

Arugala & Pancetta Pizza
arugula & prosciutto pizza
Fontina Pizza
fontina pizza

So the pizza was delicious, obviously. I mean, look at it. You can practically taste it through your computer screen. I prefer the fontina pizza, because I love me some mushrooms and cheese. I’m holding the pizza like this because I wanted to take a picture and send it to Slice so they’ll come review Dough. (OK, I don’t know why I had to hold up the pizza to take a photo of it. I had already had far too much red wine, obviously.)

Panna Cotta

I have heard so many things about Dough’s panna cotta, I had to try it. I was not disappointed. Jiggly, creamy panna cotta topped with cherries and golden raisins and some kind of caramel sauce. I might have called John a wimp for not finishing his share. Might.

And then we went home and moaned. Or, if you’re me and a lightweight, went home and immediately went to sleep. Because that’s how I roll! Ohmypuddin out!



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  2. Yum! I too love cheese, and I would certainly consider a Death By Cheese option.

  3. The panna cotta there is SOOOOOOOO good. And it’s so nice to have an authentic pizzeria right here in San Antonio!

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