Posted by: ohmypuddin | June 3, 2010

A Night in Italy at Tre Trattoria

Tre Trattoria and other Jason Dady restaurants send out emails for tasting specials pretty frequently. They’re usually studies in a type of food, or local food. We got an email a few weeks ago for A Tour of La Brancaia. The night before the dinner, John said he wanted to go because he loves Brancaia, rib eyes, and wild boar ragu, all of the things featured in this dinner.

So we went! It’s unusual for us to make such expensive plans the night before an event, but you can’t plan to be spontaneous.

We started with drinks in the bar and then they led us to a private room where we were seated 8 to a table. We wound up sitting next to Kira (, who I know from Twitter and Yelp. And it turns out that we know some other Dady fans, she had had a DUK at her house, and we have the same wedding photographer! Crazy! Also met her fiance Turner. They’re an adorable couple. You should check out their engagement photos because 1) aforementioned adorableness and 2) I love Bend the Light.

Now for some food!

First course: cioppino paired with 2007 Tre

Beautiful and delicious. Nicely spiced. Plus, seafood!

Second course: Creamy orzo, chicken livers, mission figs and tarragon “salad” paired with 2006 Chianti Classico

This was my favorite course – the creaminess, the tarragon, the slightly chewy livers, the surprise sweetness of the figs. Love it. I could eat it all day. Also, I love that this has a “salad” on it. People, please learn what quotation marks are used for.

Third course: Wild boar ragu, arugula, mascarpone polenta and charred toast paired with 2006 Il Latraia.

This dish was good, but, I’m sad to say, I like the wild boar ragu at Il Sogno better. Actually, I’m not sad to say that. I love that ragu there.

This ragu was good, don’t get me wrong. The butteriness of the toast made an excellent compliment to the dish. Plus, the toast was great for sopping up extra sauce.

This course did have my favorite wine of the night. We found out later this wine is $63 a bottle, so I will probably not be having it again.

Fourth course: Charred Tuscan rib eye with black beluga lentils, oyster mushrooms and merguez sausage.

OK, not my favorite. Good, but not as great as some of the other dishes this night. The meat was too fatty for my taste and kind of chewy. And the sauce was too watery, in my opinion. Everyone else said this dish was their favorite, but it wasn’t mine. It was one of those dishes where every element had a little something off, so the dish as a whole wasn’t as great as it could be.

You know, sometimes I feel like a douchebag for critiquing great food like this. I mean, who am I to be saying this dish wasn’t good? But you know what, you guys come here to read my opinion on the food. And I will give it, dammit!

So this dish was good, but not fantastic. Especially compared to other dishes in this meal. I have high standards for Jason Dady’s restaurants, so it’s disappointing when some things aren’t as good as others.

Fifth course: Local peach “parfait” paired with Moscato D’Asti.
Who doesn’t love fizzy drinks? Not me. I love them. And I love fruit desserts with crumbles on them. A win.

It was an awesome night overall! Drank lots of wine, ate lots of good food, met new people, all of it!



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  2. That’s a lot of food. That was the place you took your mom and I wasn’t it, by the hair dresser place?

  3. Yes it is! The Italian place we took you to. We might be going there again to carb up this year!

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