Posted by: ohmypuddin | May 28, 2010

Food + Body Image


I love food. A lot. It keeps me alive. I like eating good food. Good-tasting food. That can be anything from a dinner at Il Sogno to Chik-Fil-A. I just like good food, whatever it is. I like high food and low food, but it has to be good.

When John and I got engaged, we both started trying to lose weight for the wedding. We both did pretty well and lost 35 pounds each. Since then, I’ve gained about 5-10 pounds of it back, depending on the day.

When I got married, that was the least I’ve weighed in years. I was proud of how much weight I’d lost. I worked hard to lose it. I managed portions, ate healthier, and worked out every single day. I worked out on my wedding day.

Since we got married, I’ve not been as maniacal about eating right and working out. I eat out more than I used to, and I’ll take a day off working out if I don’t feel like working out. I snack way more than I used to. I still eat better than I did before I lost the weight, but the discipline is waning.

I’ve realized that, since I work out a lot, my problem is food. I eat a lot of food. Food with more fat and carbs than protein. More food than I need to eat. It’s hard for me to stop eating good food. So how can I deal with this? How can I adjust my food without losing the tastes I love so much?

I tried signing up for calorie tracking and workout sites, but I don’t like to track calories. I try to eat less, but it always seems to backfire.

So my answer to that is to be happy with the body I have. For years, I’ve wanted to have that rail-thin body. But I’m never gonna have that, I think. Even if I lose the weight I want to lose, my body is predisposed to have bigger thighs and an hourglass shape. I just have to come to terms with that.

Part of what losing the weight made me realize is that losing weight makes you healthier, but it doesn’t change your body completely. You have to see yourself for who you are. As Stacy and Clinton say, you have to dress for the body you have, not the body you want. I have to stop trying to make my body something I can’t be, because then I will fail, become discouraged, and feel even worse about myself.

I should be happy with the body I have. I’m at a healthy weight for my height and age. I eat pretty well. I work out a lot. I try to do good things for my body. I’ll always have fat and parts of my body that I like less than others, but who doesn’t? I have to let go of the body I want and focus on making making my body healthier overall.

So in the end, when it comes to choosing between the food I love and the body I want, I chose to eat less of the food I love and letting go of the body I want. And I think I’ll be happier this way.



  1. Preach it! I’m totally there with you on this one. It’s hard to give up the body that you want, but in the end your heart will thank you for it. So what if you don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model, if you’re happy that’s all that matters.

  2. Good one Lauren! You eat well and workout, the right combo. I think every woman has body image issues and our weight will go back and forth.

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  4. well said. Its one of the topics I wished they’d cover at TECHMunch!

  5. Great new attitude, but you should also know that YOU ALREADY LOOK GREAT!

  6. Go on witcho bad self, Lauren!

    When I started losing weight for the Biggest Loser competition, I had a similar epiphany. I knew that after the contest ended, I’d want to indulge in a little CFA here, or a slice of cheesecake there, or a juicy burger occasionally. So, why was I going to deprive myself of them entirely, when I knew I’d just start eating them again and gain the weight back afterward???? That’s when it dawned on me; I didn’t have to eat those things with the frequency that had gotten me to the point I am. They could be enjoyed, but in m-o-d-e-r-a-t-i-o-n, along with a scoop of “Dancing with the Stars-Latin Cardio.” The weight hadn’t appeared on me all of a sudden, and it shouldn’t be expected to go away that quickly either. And, here I am today, 15 pounds lighter (add to that an extra 20 that I lost before the competition started).

    It is a process that involves THINKING about what goes down my shoot rather than packing in whatever tastes good. Couple that with gettin’ off the couch and bustin’ a move, and yeah! I’m happy to hop on a scale now! A lot of my clothes droop on me a little and I can actually finish a sentence when I finish a flight of stairs.

    Whatever you’re doing is working … because you look mah-velous! 🙂

  7. Good attitude. Because at a certain point you have to ask yourself what makes your life pleasurable and enjoyable. Certainly being at a healthy weight makes life pleasant – you are able to engage in activities, you have better health, and you can of course shop for great clothes. But, engaging in hobbies and activities that bring you pleasure is also important, and if cooking, eating, and exploring food makes your life pleasant, than you need to do that too. So long as health and hobby can remain in a decent balance, you do yourself a service to allow both in your life. Amen sista!

  8. I tried several calorie tracking sites and apps as well and found them incredibly tedious. So I totally agree with your statement: “I chose to eat less of the food I love and letting go of the body I want. And I think I’ll be happier this way.” Great post!

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