Posted by: ohmypuddin | May 12, 2010

Old Lahaina Luau

The first time John and I went to Hawaii, we skipped the luau. We had other things we wanted to do, and time goes by fast in paradise. But this time, in Maui, Sam and Kate wanted to go to the luau, so we did.

The Old Lahaina Luau experience begins with mai tais as you wait in line to enter. We all agreed that this is the only way to wait in line. After you get your lei, you get to explore the grounds of the luau. The Old Lahaina Luau prides itself on being authentically Hawaiian, teaching the history of Hawaii with only native devices. This means lots of hula dancing and no fire dancers.

But, there is a Kahlua pig!

Before the food buffet begins, they invite you over to explain how the pig is cooked and why it’s done this way, and to unveil the pig for you. It smelled delicious, I tell you.

I didn’t get a lot of pictures of the food, but it included a lot of pork, things wrapped in taro leaves, seafood, and fruit.

We opted for the mat seating, where you sit on a pillow on the ground in front of a low table. This pineapple was our center piece.

When dressing for a luau, you will be tempted to put on your Hawaiian finest, your tropical dresses and cabana shirts. That’s fine. That’s perfectly normal and somewhat appropriate. What is not appropriate is this obsession with husband-wife combos.

That’s just wrong. Please don’t do that. Resist the urge! If only so people like me don’t take pictures of you.

Just when you’re so stuffed you can’t eat any more haupia, the program will start. There will be dancing, singing, chanting, headresses, coconut bras galore! You’ll drink your fruity drinks and stretch out at the sun sets and the stars come out.

So if you’re in Maui, and looking for a luau, I recommend this one! It’s on the west side of the island, in Lahaina.

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  1. We are headed to Maui in October, and I was on the fence about the luau situation. Glad to hear there is one that is aiming for authenticity! We’ll definitely check it out.

  2. That pig looks so good. I bet it did smell great!

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  4. This looks like a lot of funny. I agree with the no matching outfits for couples!

  5. How fun!! The matching outfit is great. I’ll have to arrange that if I ever go to Hawaii 🙂

  6. Hawaiian food is SO ONO! Kahlua pig is delicious and we like to make it here in the oven. Definately not the same but a decent substitute.

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