Posted by: ohmypuddin | May 11, 2010

I Am Not an Urban Farmer

John and I just joined a CSA, a community supported agriculture farm. Sam and Kate belong, and we are splitting the summer CSA boxes with them. Our farm is Scott Arbor Farm in Seguin.

I knew well before I signed up for a CSA that I am not a farmer. I’m a communications coordinator. I sit at a desk. I tweet a lot. I have an iPhone and go outside to run, not to till my land.

But the fact that I am not a farmer really was driven home this weekend, when Kate, Sam and I went out to Scott Arbor Farm to help out for the day. John was going to come, but he got sick at the last minute.

It’s a nice farm. Actually, it’s more of a giant garden, with rows of produce and lots of cats and a farm equipment. The cats! There were about 25, many named after foods. I’m not that fond of cats, but these cats were super friendly. They’d come sit on your feet and splay out, begging for a tummy rub.

We started out planting egglant and peppers. The pic above is of one of the peppers I planted, and I will get to eat later this summer!

After planting, we starting putting giant wire “baskets” over some of the plants so they grow properly. Friends, this was not my favorite part of the day. I much prefer planting. The baskets were big, and no matter how I tried, I couldn’t seem to carry two at once. They were awkward and unwieldy. And rusty. The city girl in me thought about how hot it was getting, and how sweaty I was, and how I really hoped I didn’t get tetanus from these baskets.

And this is what I mean when I say I’m not an urban farmer. For part of the day, Kate and Sam and I joked about how we were urban farmers, venturing out from the city to plant some shit.

But I’m not an urban farmer. I do not have the know-how to be a weekend farmer or anything like that. I’m really just a whiny city girl, who prefers getting my vegetables to planting them.

It was a fun day though. At 2pm, we stopped working and ate a lunch of potatoes, ribs, corn, coleslaw and beans. With a dessert of apple cobbler and ice cream. I love me some cobbler, friends.

The owners, Ellan and Clyde, were the best story tellers and had so much great advice about growing things and planting things. If you ever meet them, hang out for awhile, because you will hear some great stories.

At the end of our visit, we were talking about basil, and Ellan and Clyde’s son, Josh, who also works on the farm, asked us if we wanted some basil, since they had some leftover. Yes we did! This is how much basil they gave us:

Actually, I don’t think that’s even all of it. I got about 10 basil plants in 5 or 6 varieties. And then, Clyde gave us some fresh eggs from their chickens!

We were tired and definitely dirty by the end, but it was a fun time. As much as I talk about being a whiny city girl, it’s always interesting to do things differently. As an avid cook and eater, it’s good to see where the food actually comes from and everything that goes into it. And now, when I get my CSA booty this summer, I’ll know how much work went into it!



  1. This is a wonderful post. Growing food is fun, and I am lucky that I have plenty to eat even if my gardening efforts go bust.
    I am always thankful for people like Ellen and Clyde who grow food for a living and do so with integrity and without chemicals.

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  3. I like your ” I am not a farmer” post. In fact, I have one in the works that says “I am not a chef”. I just like to eat good food and it sounds like you do too. One of the most fun aspects of CSA is getting to know your farmer – sounds like you did.

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