Posted by: ohmypuddin | May 9, 2010

SOBCon – Launching the Effer

After I got back from Maui (still have lots of Maui blog posts in the queue, no worries), I went to SOBCon. I first learned about SOBCon through Terry Starbucker, a St. Mary’s alum. He came to San Antonio earlier this year. When I met him, we started talking about social media and told me I needed to come to SOBCon. So off I went with some coworkers and one of St. Mary’s students.

How do I describe SOBCon? How do I talk about my experience?

Awesome People

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the people. The people there are awesome. Many of them are entrepreneurs and consultants, and have been doing this for a long, long time. And they’re willing to share that knowledge with you, find solutions to your problems, offer you advice, and most importantly, instill confidence that you can, and will, get the job done. I implore you to start following and talking to these people here and here.

So go find those people, and read what they had to say about SOBCon. Most of them have been writing SOBCon recaps and lessons learned posts all week, so you can find some really great takeaways from them.

Small Lessons Lead to Big Takeaways

Some of the most important things I learned were so small, like set a long-term goal and do 5 things every day to accomplish it. That’s not even a social media lesson – that’s a life lesson. But it takes someone standing in front of me, lecturing to me, to really sink that point into my brain.

Big Lessons Change the World

Well, maybe not change the world, but change the way I do my job. Change the nature of my job. Change my attitude at work, outside of work.

Real Ideas > Abstract Concepts

I’ve been to a lot of conferences, seminars, classes, etc, about blogging and social media. A lot of these opportunities are about “engaging” and “conversing,” but they never tell you how to engage and converse. At SOBCon, they do. They tell you how to do it, how they did it, different ways you can do it. Refreshing to be around doers rather than sayers.

Partying is Networking Too

There’s a lot of partying at SOBCon. Not crazy partying, but partying. It’s kind of exhausting, but awesome at the same time, because you get to mingle and just chat with these people who are doing the things you want to do with your life. And sometimes, you get to meet quasi-famous people. Like Jay Jay French from Twisted Sister. And Scott Porad from I Can Haz Cheeseburger.

Fear of Success is Normal

When people first started talking about fear of success, I thought it was all crazy talk. But fear of success isn’t really fear of success – it’s a fear of the unknown, different types of work, pressure to do something great, pressure to exceed expectations. I get that. When I was on SA Living, I felt a bit of it, because all of a sudden, more people were reading and expecting funny posts about food. I felt like I had something to prove.

I know to get over it, I just have to do it. And I know that it’s OK to make mistakes and blunder along the way too.

Did I mention the last day of the conference was on the top floor of a hotel, where they filmed Batman’s bedroom for Dark Knight? Random, but cool.

It kind of sounds like I’m telling you to go to SOBCon, right? Well, you should. It’s awesome. But make sure you leave me a spot, mmkay?



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