Posted by: ohmypuddin | May 7, 2010

Genki Sushi

I’m not usually into novelty restaurants (e.g., Magic Time Machine), but there’s something really fun about Genki Sushi.

All of the sushi sits on a conveyor belt that snakes its way around tables and booths. The plates of food are all color-coded according to price, and you have color photos telling you what each plate of food is. So you sit and you watch as something delicious-looking winds its way around the restaurant until it gets right next to you, and then you grab it. And you eat it. When you’re done, you tell the waitress and she tallies up your bill according to the number of empty plates on your table.

John and I had been to Genki on Oahu, but Sam and Kate had never been. When we went in for a late lunch one day, Kate was especially overwhelmed by how we started grabbing plates and eating them.

Here’s Kate’s post about it.

It’s not the best sushi you’ll ever eat, but it might be the most fun. It’s a local thing to do, and it’s really fun when the place is packed with people watching little plates roll on by.



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  2. You should really try Sushihana. It’s honest, creative good, fresh food – no conveyor belt needed.

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