Posted by: ohmypuddin | May 5, 2010

Letting It All Hang Out in Hawaii

This picture of me was taken at a nude beach.

Those people in the very back? Nudists.

We didn’t go to Maui intending to go to a nude beach. But it was where we ended up.

This beach is called Little Beach, right next to Big Beach. Big Beach is not a nude beach – it is a wide expanse of sandy beach with some good snorkeling. We’d heard that Little Beach had better snorkeling, and was a nude beach. So we went there to 1) snorkel and 2) see what’s so awesome about nude beaches.

To get to Little Beach you go to Big Beach and climb over a bunch of lava rocks on the right side. It was pretty funny to see people wander over the rocks and run back 4 minutes later, when they saw all the nudity.

The first person we saw at Little Beach was a completely nude woman playing soccer with a man wearing the top half of a wetsuit.  Doesn’t nude soccer sound painful?

Nudity is not required at a nude beach. But there aren’t many clothes. We all walked onto the beach wearing clothes over our bathing suits, and we were the most dressed people there.

Nudists are not always the most attractive people.

But it was fun nevertheless. The snorkeling was pretty good there, with a lot of cool fish and coral. And we saw a tiny dog named “Itty Bitty.” And we saw some genitals. So everybody wins!



  1. Hooray on moving to WordPress!

    Seeing your pictures of Maui have made me go and revisit all of our photos. It’s like I have relived the trip. I suppose that’s the idea isn’t it?

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