Posted by: ohmypuddin | April 2, 2010

April Fools!

Yesterday was April Fools day, and also our turn for dinner club. We’d made grilled lamb, so I asked everyone to bring a red wine. Kate and Sam brought this:

But we knew they were pranking us. I mean, that is just a ridiculously huge bottle of wine. Also, it says “100% grape wine” on it, which is hilarious.

It’s funny that they pranked us at dinner club, because I had my own prank in the works. A dessert prank.

I had made some lemon shortbread cookies for dessert, but I decided to prank our guests with a different dessert.

I bought two round cakes at HEB and cut the middle out of one of them and put two water balloons filled with water in it. Then I put the second cake on top and iced the whole thing. Since it’s Easter this weekend, I wrote “I Heart Jesus” on the top.

I needed someone other than me to cut the cake, so I could take video. I told Jarret that he loves Jesus more than anyone else, so he had to cut the cake. There’s some discussion in the beginning of this video about what song to sing for Jesus. I hope you don’t think we’re too sacrilegious. I know Kate was concerned about that.

You can tell from the audio that I freaked out when Jarret first cut into the cake, because the water balloons didn’t burst. He’d actually cut right in between the two balloons. But the next cut punctured one of the balloons. You can’t really see the water, but you can tell by everyone’s reaction what happened.

Kate was very sad that the cake was a prank. She really wanted some cake.

Here’s what the cake looked like after we cut it.

For the real dessert, I’d made lemon shortbread cookies with lemon curd, orange marmalade and whipped cream (blog post with recipe coming soon). Kate was happy to hear that there was a non-watery dessert. So that was my April Fools prank! It worked pretty well. It made me happy. It was fun and no one got hurt, and then we had cookies! All pranks should end with cookies.



  1. Add some fresh fruit, juice and rum/brandy to that bottle and make sangria

  2. I love this prank. If only that balloon were filled with sweetened milk, it would have automatically turned it into a tres leches cake.

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