Posted by: ohmypuddin | March 8, 2010

Molecular Gastronomy at Bin 555

Chef Jason Dady tweeted the other day that he now has liquid nitrogen to make food with. Of course, I had to be there to witness this. Melissa and I ventured out to Bin 555. When we came in, they seated us at the bar, which was great because that’s where Jason Dady had set up the liquid nitrogen. That’s him up there, making us some white wine sangria. It looked like a Slushie, but kind of melted immediately in your mouth. Like cotton candy.

Another dish I got, not made with liquid nitrogen, was the steak tartare. I don’t normally like steak tartare, but I do when Jason Dady makes it. It had whipped cheese on top and was served with flatbread, a play on Philly cheese steak.

For the piece de resistance, deconstructed strawberry shortcake. The strawberry ice cream and some of the nuggets are made with liquid nitrogen. The rest is graham cracker crust, sour cream, and jam.

Someone said on Foodspotting that it doesn’t look pretty, and food should look pretty. I disagree. In photos, it doesn’t look pretty, but it is quite striking. I think, for most chefs, they want their food to be presentable and intentional on the plate. They don’t want it to look thrown together. I don’t think food always has to look beautiful, because that’s so subjective. This looks really haphazard in this photo, but it looked very presentable in person.

Anyway. It tasted great, which, if you’ve ever had my food, always makes up for presentation.



  1. Liquid nitro is certainly cool to play with, however complete precaution must be administered while using it. Hospitals, medical labs and physicists take the help of dewars to store it. May be its time that teachers also start doing that.

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