Posted by: ohmypuddin | January 28, 2010

Restaurant Insignia Revisited

I heard through the grapevine (i.e. Twitter) that Jason Dady had changed up the menu at Restaurant Insignia. And I knew that one of the changes involved pork belly and pancakes. So on Saturday night, John and I and Sam and Kate all went to Restaurant Insignia.

We’ve been back a handful of times since the opening, and we invariably get the brisket burger and the San Antonio pizza. Those are our favorites. But this time, we started with two new apps: pork belly and pancakes, and mussels in saffron sauce.

I loved the pork belly and pancakes! I’m a sucker for any kind of pork. I haven’t had a lot of pork belly in my life, but I am developing a taste for it. The blueberry pancakes were, as Kate said, the perfect size. She like them, and Kate doesn’t even like blueberry pancakes.

The mussels were delicate in flavor, a little more delicate than I would have liked. But I’m not a big mussels person. The only downside with these mussels is that a few hadn’t fully opened, which made it hard to open them. I liked the slaw, the crostada and the spicy sauce that came with it.

On to entrees! I got the salmon with white beans and chorizo.

I always like salmon, but the white beans and chorizo stood out to me. I wanted to lick the plate after I ate all my beans because the flavor was fantastic. It was subtle, but the flavor grew the more I ate.

John had the duck breast which he loved for the cherry sauce it came with. He also ate everything on his plate.

For dessert, we split a macademia milk shake. I am a sucker for a milkshake. The shake came with tiny straws, so John and I both busted some blood vessels trying to drink as fast as we could.

Insignia is one of my new favorite restaurants in San Antonio, but I’ve never been when it’s very busy. San Antonio, why aren’t you going here? It’s downtown, but they validate your valet parking! There’s an enormous dog in the lobby! The food is delicious, different, and reasonably priced! There’s an extensive wine list! You can order chicken and waffles! Go eat here, already!



  1. We went to Insignia last night for the first time.

    The pros:
    -My nutella souffle desert was rich and filling (they even served it with a candle for my birthday [yes my birthday is in April, but that’s a different story]

    -The Thai curry crab cake was amazing with a hefty bed of avocado.

    -Free valet, nice waitstaff, no crowds, pretty good prices. (Two people for $65 [before tip]). Not too shabby!

    -Near Hemisfair, so we walked to the movie in the park after and watched Karate Kid. Very nice.

    The cons:
    -Charlie is a beer aficionado so we had to give demerits for not having a beer list at all, then not having any good beers (and the waiter couldn’t pronounce Urquell of Pilsner Urquell.)

  2. And by desert I mean dessert.

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