Posted by: ohmypuddin | January 13, 2010

If only he really slept this much

Tuck is getting better, and gaining weight. And becoming much, much friskier. He runs around a lot, and bites anything he can get his paws on, including my feet. He wants to play all the time and can’t stand it when John and I don’t pay attention to him. He plays so hard he tires himself out and falls asleep, often right in the middle of playing. Which is why he falls asleep in such funny ways.

He’s a silly little puppy, and will probably grow up to be just as silly and rambunctious as Buster. Speaking of Buster, he’s being much gentler with Tuck. I think he’s starting to get that Tuck is much smaller than he is. Tuck responds by trying to paw and bite Buster constantly.

I think Tuck is going to be a very smart dog. He’s already figured out that whining at the back door is how you go outside. And he remembers what his medicine looks like, so he runs away when we get it out. Too smart for his own good.

I’ll have to take some video of him running. He has the funniest little scamper – he’s too small to really run, so he kind of hops around. Too cute.


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