Posted by: ohmypuddin | November 23, 2009


We went to Il Sogno again! Il Sogno is one of my favorite restaurants in San Antonio. We invited Kate and Sam, our culinary BFFs, to come. We don’t go very often, but we do eat our hearts out when we go.

When we first came in, the waitress had to wait for the host to come seat us, and then he tried to seat us in the entrance area, which was dimly lit and empty. We asked for seating in the main dining room, and he offered us a table near the wait stations. We didn’t want to be constantly in the wait staff’s way, so we asked for a side table. Are we not that cool? Why didn’t they want to give us a table in the main dining room? The sommelier knows us! We are cool! We drink Vino Nobile de Montepulciano and wear belt-necklaces! Don’t send us to the corner of the restaurant!

Other than that, it was a delicious and fun night. The sommelier advised us to get the osso bucco, but we refrained. Sam, John and I got the wild hog with polenta, which I’ve had before and it is divine.

Kate opted for the monkfish wrapped in prosciutto.

It was excellent, if a little too salty. I also ordered a side of truffle fries because I love fries so much! Plus, we’d gotten two pizzas.

After all that food, I wasn’t really hungry for dessert, so we declined. But then the waitress said they wanted to give us a dessert since it was my birthday, so I picked the fruit tart. Sam, Kate and John whisper-sang happy birthday and we ate! I love fruit tarts. They’re like tiny pies.

The birthday doesn’t end here! Tonight, Lyla and Stephen are coming in to celebrate and take their engagement photos with Bend the Light. And tomorrow we leave for Thanksgiving!


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