Posted by: ohmypuddin | November 19, 2009

The Time We Tried to Go to Oktoberfest

Sometimes, John and I get all fancy and go to fundraisers and bid on things.

OK, not really. But when Kate told us she had some tickets to A Rhapsody in Blue: Arts & Eats 2009 at Blue Star. We couldn’t say no. Five local chefs would be there. Plus, wine!

There was some great food there: lamb loin, foie gras, dessert mousse thing, mushroom crepes, cheese plate, and a savory flan. The chefs were churning out the food as 300 people lined up to eat it. I am literally waiting for him to cut me some lamb loin. I kept trying to take the plate and he kept stopping me, because he hadn’t finished plating it.

They set up cooking stations right in the middle of Blue Star. I didn’t think it’d be big enough for all the stations, chefs, and sous chefs, but it was.

Hey, look who it is!
Jason Dady! We chatted with him a bit about the marathon, how much foie gras he brought with him ($1100 worth), Hawaii. He said when I walked up, his sous chef said, “Is that ohmypuddin?” Ha, I’m Internet famous! My life is complete. He also yelled at Sam, “HEY SAMMY!” Ha!

So one of the items in the silent auction was a stay at an apartment in Berlin. John and Sam were really interested in it. They kept talking about what a good deal it was and how the four of us could all go for Oktoberfest next year. So I told them to go bid on it, if they wanted to. And they did!
See John’s bid there? I was kind of freaking out now, thinking that we were committing to paying thousands of dollars on a trip to Berlin while we were very intoxicated on wine. I like to think about things a little more, and the spontaneity of this was freaking me out. Fortunately, I just drank some more wine to calm myself.

And then, we were outbid with a bid of $2500. John and Sam decided that they wouldn’t go higher than $2000, so we lost that Berlin apartment. Part of me is sad we lost, but part of me is relieved we didn’t get it. We can always go to Berlin sometime, but maybe we can think about it for more than 5 minutes, and sober.

So that’s the story of the time we tried to go to Oktoberfest. Even though we didn’t win that auction, it was a superfun night and I got to play one of my favorite games, Pretentious Art, and I got to eat great food and drink great free wine and wear tights and see people wearing some crazy outfits. Also, I ran a half-marathon and got an iPhone and it’s Dinner Club tonight and I’m having dinner with Melissa tomorrow and bottling some wine on Saturday and seeing Nicolette at Casbeers playing with the Melissa Ludwig Band and then it’s my birthday on Sunday and then Lyla and Stephen are coming on Monday to take their engagement photos here and then we go to Cincinnati for Thanksgiving. So it’s been a pretty awesome week and it just keeps getting better! It’s like a whole week of birthday for me!


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