Posted by: ohmypuddin | November 1, 2009


Well, I’m jumping on this bandwagon. I probably won’t post every day, but I will try my best.

This weekend has been super productive, with some winter weather clothes buying and much cleaning and prepping food for the week. It’s our turn at dinner club this week, and we let everyone else decide what we should cook. It will a Best of Dinner Club, to round out the rest of this year. Since we’ve been having dinner club for two and a half years now, we thought it’d be fun to do our best dishes again.

In other news, I seem to have a cold, I’m on antibiotics for an infection, I am very fatigued, and my calves and shins are tight and achy. All weekend, I was either cold or boiling lava hot. Am I an old lady now? Should I sport a shawl?

Now, I am going to cheat on NaBloPoMo and back date this, and blog again tonight.


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