Posted by: ohmypuddin | October 1, 2009

Julie and Dan got married!

The day after Erin’s party, Julie Ta got married. Julie Ta is someone I’ve known since the 6th grade, but we didn’t really start hanging out until after high school. Why do I discover awesome people after I graduate? What is that?Anyway. Julie. Julie met Dan, and that was that. Dan tells an awesome story about my wedding, which involves a bathroom and vomit (not his) and dancing out of awkward situations. The punchline goes like this: “It was like you are cooking and you reach into the fridge for a stick of butter, but instead you grab a beaver.” Maybe you have to know the whole story, but trust me, this is hilarious. And Dan is hilarious.

So Julie and Dan got married at the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas. It’s a nice collection. John and I stayed with Angela and Rob (who are getting married in December) and when we got to the museum, we spotted the wedding party taking photos.

Isn’t Julie sassy? That’s pretty much how she is in real life too.

We were ushered up to the second floor to the ceremony site, which you got to by going through a glass passageway. The passageway had origami butterflies on strings. The butterflies were made by kids in schools in Dallas.

After the ceremony, John, Angela, Rob, Marie and I had appetizers and drinks while Julie and Dan circulated. John used his ninja skills to score us both some delicious appetizers (bacon wrapped dates and shrimp on crostini) and find the happy couple to take photos with us.
You may notice that in the picture at the top, Julie is not wearing her wedding dress. That’s because she wore 3 different dresses: her wedding dress, a red Chinese silk dress, and a chartreuse evening gown. She looked spectacular in all of them. I don’t have pictures of the green one because that one was for dancing, and we were dancing.

Julie and Dan danced their first dance to “Billie Jean” and served cherry pie and put us bad kids near the bar, cuz she knows us, and served 2 meats and had their wedding with a bunch of origami butterflies. Who else can do that? No one. Only Julie and Dan.


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