Posted by: ohmypuddin | September 3, 2009

Talking Dirty at Il Sogno

For John’s birthday, we went to one of our new favorite restaurants, Il Sogno. I called when we got home, and they were miraculalously not busy, so we rushed over. Il Sogno has an open kitchen with seating at the bar, so that’s where we sat so we could watch the chefs work.

I know the sommelier at Il Sogno has read my blog. When he spotted us at the counter, he spread his arms and said “Miss Blogger!” Haha, awesome! He advised us on which wine to get. He chose a Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, which is very impressive to say and even better to drink.

We got the margherita pizza for an appetizer. It says “market price” on the menu, which makes me hesitate to order it, because “market price” usually means “fucking expensive.” What exactly is market about a pizza with mozzarella, basil, and tomato sauce? All it means is that they price it by the hour, so at 5 o’clock it’s $5, $6 at 6 o’clock, etc. So that’s solves that mystery.

Chef Andrew Weissman was there last night. His daughters were eating at the restaurant and they kept talking to him and waving. It was adorable.

First entree to come out was the hog with polenta. Let me see if I can describe it: think of the best meal you’ve ever had, and then multiply it by 37 and add some sprinkles and maybe some crack on it. It’s just that good.

We totally hated it. Ha!

Next entree was the roast chicken and truffle fries. I must confess, while this was delicious, it suffered in comparison to the hog. That hog was MAGICAL, people. The chicken was awesome, but it just can’t compete. The truffle fries were really good too. I consider myself a conniusseur of fries. I love all fries and will get them anywhere they’re served. These were good fries, y’all.

I forgot to get a picture before we tore into the chicken, so you get to see it half eaten.

Cheese course! Who doesn’t love pungent cheeses covered with bee pollen and honey? What, you don’t? More for me then.

Sitting at the counter means you can watch the chefs cook your food. We saw them make pasta, pizzas, fish. We watched things go into the enormous oven.

Watching all of this food being cooked was like food porn. That’s what the title of this post was about. I won’t repeat what I said about the food, because it is downright filthy. It’s just what I do.

We couldn’t decide on one dessert so we got two. This is the chocolate tart and gelato. See how close we are to the chefs? I told them if they needed anyone to taste anything, I’d help them out. The chef laughed. I was being serious. Il Sogno – I’m here for you! I will taste things and make sure they’re good! All you have to do is ask!

This was the strawberry dessert with strawberries, vanilla cream, chocolate sauce, and then strawberry sauce on top. It was also divine.

I don’t have a picture of the last event of the evening, which was John and I moaning on the couch about how full we were. Ha!



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