Posted by: ohmypuddin | August 4, 2009

The End of the Spending Hiatus

Man, those three months really flew by, huh? What’s that? You forgot that I started this blog to talk about my spending hiatus, because I stopped talking about it. That’s true, I did. Why?

-It’s boring to talk about not spending money. I didn’t really do anything to fill the void of spending money, apart from not going to stores. So that’s not that fun to talk about.

-I didn’t stop spending money altogether. I did buy some stuff, some makeup, 4 dresses, a pair of shoes, some summer clothes, etc. So I guess I was a little ashamed of that and didn’t want to tell you guys.

But here are some things I did do:

-I stopped going to Target as much, which saves me $50 for every visit. I swear, I can drop hundreds of dollars a month at Target, no problem.
-I took the time to think about my purchases. One of the things I bought was a cocktail dress, because I don’t really have one that fits anymore. But I will wear that dress to each of the 5 weddings I’m attending this year, so I reasoned that I will get my money’s worth. So I try to think about how I’m going to use things when I buy them and if they’re worth it.
-I try to use coupons more. I used an Amazon gift certificate to buy my onion goggles. That wasn’t really money spent.
-I feel no qualms about returning stuff. This black dress that I bought? I returned it, because I felt bad about buying things I didn’t need.
-I reject even the smallest purchases. I bought a Rimmel eyeliner the other day cuz I needed one, but only one, even though they’re like $2. I reasoned that I didn’t need another one, no matter how cheap it is.

So I didn’t stick to the spending hiatus whole hog, but I feel like I did spend a lot less money. I used to go to Target and World Market and wander around, just finding new things. I don’t really do that anymore. I’m gonna try to stop doing that. I still have some debt to pay off, and I want to get an iPhone to replace the cell phone I’ve had since 2003, so I really want to buckle down now and save.

Spending hiatus over! Did anybody else try a spending hiatus? How’s it going?

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