Posted by: ohmypuddin | June 17, 2009

Dresses I should own

ANOTHER UPDATE: The strapless dress was too big, so I returned it. And then John made me feel so guilty about it that I didn’t buy the fuchsia dress.
UPDATE: I bought the first dress. They sold out of the last dress in both yellow and black. Contemplating buying the fuchsia dress.

I went shopping with my friend Amanda (Amanda, are you reading this? You have summers off, you need to spend it reading my blog!), I told her I like to play a game when I shop, called “Dresses I Should Own.” Basically, I window shop.

What do you call it when you window shop online? Browser shopping?
This looks like the perfect summer dress. Casual and light enough for shopping at the farmer’s market in 100 degree heat. But can be dressed up for nicer events. Love the belt.

I love this color! Same color as my bridesmaids’ dresses. I picked that color because I love it, but I don’t own anything that color. This looks great for all the weddings I’m going to this summer.
I’ve gone on record saying I don’t like yellow, but I like this dress. Maybe it’s just the details I like, the studs and the boatneck. I always like an empire waist.


Readers, should I break my spending hiatus and get one of these? If so, which one? Or all three? I must say, I’m inclined to get the first and second ones, for the hot summer days. The third I would like better in another color, I think. That yellow would be something that would hang in my closet, unworn.

(all dresses from


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