Posted by: ohmypuddin | May 1, 2009

Who wants a new hobby?

What should I do with all of the time I won’t be spending shopping? Not that I spend hours and hours at the mall every weekend, but I feel like this is a good opportunity for me to start some new projects.

-Reading The Watchmen. My friend Sam lent me this awhile ago and I haven’t started it yet.

-Clean out my closet. Since I won’t be buying new clothes, I need to take a look at the old ones, give away all of the things that don’t fit, and start rewearing all the things that do.

-Take more photos. I bought my husband a Nikon D60 as a wedding gift. It’s a pretty cool camera and way better than the point-and-shoot I carry around in my purse.

-Making crap. I said before that I’m making my mother’s day gift this year. I worked on it last night and I think it will turn out well.

-Cleaning the house in general. I don’t think John and I are messy people, but the house quickly falls to filth if we don’t clean it every day. I’m not talking major cleaning, just picking up and wiping things down. We’ve let it get messy since the wedding, and now is time to clean it up.


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